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DoubutsuOu : Deli-cat by piyodayo DoubutsuOu : Deli-cat by piyodayo

P-P-Please feel free to RP ok I don't bite-- I do RPs through comments / notes / skype (most preferred is through skype tho) :iconanticipation2plz:

"P-Please stop.. I-If you don't then I-I'll have to use force...!"

❖ Name : Delica Monroe

❖ Nickname : Delica, Delicat, Red cat

❖ Age : 21

❖ Gender : Female

❖ Height/Weight : 168 cm / 52 kg

❖ Gang : The Cats

❖ Strength :
- Agility
- Speed
- Flexibility 

Like a cat, she's able to jump or move around swiftly, as if she doesn't have any weight. Good in avoiding things or running away since she tends to avoid violence. Her strength points are supported with her weapon, with someone jumping here and there while pulling some wires around would be such a pain in the ass. 

❖ Weakness :
- Easily distracted
- Stamina
- Berserk

She had a hard time completely focusing in one thing, her mind usually divided apart by many things, thus make her easily distracted by simple things. Combined with her fighting style that uses a lot of movements, her stamina is considered as a big weakness. When she's consumed by emotion or into a fight for too long, she began to lost her mind and kept on attacking without considering her defense and low stamina. This can caused her to get hyperventilation and will be unable to fight. 

❖ Weapon : 
Steel Wires. They're not especially sharp, but they could definitely cut if she put enough pressure. 

Metal Rings. She wears 4 metal rings on each hand and it'd hurt a lot if she punches you with them.

❖ Personality : 
At first, Delica might look like a weak and soft woman who seemed that you could bring her down with a single hit. She has an anxious personality and stutters frequently, but she's not afraid of saying out her thought, quite a stubborn one. She has an earnest personality, and tends to take everything seriously. She also gets distracted easily over little things due to overthinking, making her easily lost in a conversation. Delica also come as a kind-hearted person and seems to hate violence, at first. She's the type or person who will still be kind even though you treat her like a garbage, she believes that if you treat people kindly then your heart will be at ease. However, she's very serious when it comes to fight and she won't hesitate to hurt you if she have to. She is mild-tempered, but she has a tendency to do something violent when angered, even though her facial expression didn't change at all. Delica is a dutiful person, very loyal and obedient to her gang and the leader since she's raised up that way. 

❖ Likes :
- Fluffy animals
- Night sky
- The gang
- Reading books
- Children
- Rainy days

❖ Dislikes : 
- Her big boobs
- People yelling at her
- Being angered
- Gaining weight
- People touching her hair
- Insects

❖ Biography : 
15 years ago
"How could I let my child get close to that girl? Just look at her mom!"
"Like mother like daughter, I'm sure she'll be like her mom someday"

10 years ago
"A-Ah-- Your mom had some business tonight so I'll accompany you until you fall asleep"
"Your mother is an amazing woman.. Don't listen to them"

6 years ago
"Ehhh that Delica person? Hell no, she's so gloomy..!"
"I don't want to get involved with her"
"... I've heard some bad rumors about her.."

3 years ago
"Mom.. I..."
"I don't know what I did wrong.. You.. Now that you're expelled... What's wrong with you.."
"E-Ever since I was a child I had no friends, all people were scared of me..! I was so lonely and yet you're not there by my side...! And now... It happened because I'm a daughter of a gangster....!"
"Ah..... M-Mom, I.. ...! M-Mom wait! I didn't mean it! Mom-- Where are you going...!?"

1 year ago
"That red-haired girl, she's not japanese isn't she? I saw her working as a bartender here but I rarely saw her now.."
"I know that girl you're talking about, I saw her on the alleyways.. I guess she's into that 'Cat' gang now.." 

Full history

❖ Extra :
- Many people thought that she had split personality
- She learned how to fight since she was young, at first she thought that it's a normal thing for people to teach her how to fight 
- She always try to avoid any form of violence or fight 
- Wears red eyeshadow around her eyes
- Used to have long hair but she cut it off because it's always caught into stuff
- Lived in Japan for a short time when she was a kid

❖ Relationship :
Izumi Yoshinaga "Mi-kun are you gay?" //shot TBA 

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Gaventa-Tura Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014  Student Digital Artist

Heyyy congrats on making it in brahh!
Hope our characters can be friends! c:
piyodayo Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014  Hobbyist
ahhh thank you so much :iconsawbplz:
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Gaventa-Tura Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014  Student Digital Artist

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najkdla ammggggg yes! I would love that!!! ^ u ^
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piyodayo Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014  Hobbyist
ehueheuhue yes yess I'd love to hhhhh I usually RP through skype or notes tho ;; or do you have any other preference to RP? :iconskankyplz:
Gaventa-Tura Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  Student Digital Artist

im so sorry for the late reply brothaa.
but for rping, Skype or notes is totally cool. c:
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piyodayo Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014  Hobbyist
shhhh it's fineeee what is fast reply anyway hahaha :iconimsotiredplz:
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Gaventa-Tura Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2014  Student Digital Artist

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go on min bby you can touch her as much as you want-- //smacked
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